Future development work (2018 -) 

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1) A flexible design of the instrument makes it possible to use it at a later stage to diagnose other cancers. There are published results showing that breast, lung and prostate cancer emit some of the VOCs we found in ovarian cancer. We plan to explore these opportunities. The development work will be partlialy based on studies conducted with clinics that handle and treat the diagnoses while requiring technical development work which VOC Diagnostics will carry out on its own.

2) A so-called ‘feasibility study’ is in the starting pits with first patient planned to be included in June. The planned study will be an objective, external validation of previously obtained results. An assessment of the future clinical benefits of the new tests will also be conducted.

3) Following the completion of the above study, by a roughly estimated time of mid 2020, a more comprehensive multicenter study is being planned to explore possibilities for better disease-appropriate use of the instrument. Here, the tests will be related to different clinicopathological findings that the individual patient has.
In summary, we plan to carry out several national and international studies in the coming years to be prepared for the use of the OC Detect method, first in Sweden and then on the international market.