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VOC Diagnostics innovation is a further development of previous research that has shown that cancer tumors emit organic substances, known as "Volatile Organic Compounds" (VOCs), which can be detected by their scent. The result of this research is a laboratory instrument that is patented and can be used for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. VOC  Diagnostics has developed the method based on approximately 1,000 blood samples yielding performance as no other available method achieves:

92% sensitivity and 93% specificity

The sensitivity is so high that it is economically appropriate for screening a population to detect early cancer, in addition to being used for regular diagnostics in the care industry.
By further developing the method, there is a reasonable likelihood of using an excessively early diagnosis and screening of other cancers, such as breast, lung and prostate cancer. These future opportunities are based on several scientific publications showing that several of the organic substances present in ovarian cancer also occur in patients with the above mentioned diagnoses.