Research Results (2005 - 2010) 

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Research on some organic substances, commonly known as Volatile Organic Compounds ("VOCs"), was initiated following the first scientific report on its usefulness in cancer diagnosis (6). The goal was to explore whether there are specific VOCs around ovarian cancer tissue that could be used in diagnostics in the future.
Three important studies were conducted with two specially trained dogs. The results of all three studies were striking and published internationally in 2008, 2010 and 2013 respectively (8,9,10). The studies showed the following:

1) Human ovarian cancer is surrounded by a specific odor ("VOCs") that is just organ-specific.

2) VOCs from ovarian cancer can be distinguished from VOCs that occur around normal ovarian tissue as well as other forms of cancer.

3) These specific VOCs occur in relatively high concentration even in the patient's blood.

4) Characteristic VOCs are present in the bloodstreams of patients with semi-malignant so-called borderline tumors, as well as early stages of invasive cancer.

5) VOC-based diagnostics are superior to other methods used in healthcare.